I am born 1980 in Berlin from Japanese classical music percussionists and raised in Basel (Switzerland). I studied media theory, musicology and philosophy at the University of Basel, finished 2007 (lic.phil), then wrote a dissertation in media theory (Medienwissenschaft) at Humboldt University Berlin and defended it 2012 (Dr. phil., summa cum laude). During this time (2007–2013) I mainly lived in Berlin.

In Basel I work as a post-doctoral/senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Institute Design and Art Research and as a lecturer in media theory at the former “Basel School of Design” or at the “Seminar für Medienwissenschaft”, University of Basel.

My research interest is focused on conducting media and design experiments with measurable fluctuations of physical energy, such as electronic, bioelectric or electromagnetic signals by using hardware, software and wetware. Thus I work on media with media. I like to learn about, research and inquire how – in the past as well today – physical energy in combination with mathematics and statistics implemented in so called media technologies – lately often computational media – enable the storage, transmission and processing (Friedrich Kittler and friends) of knowledge, emotion, power, culture, history, theory, society and other concepts studied within the humanities and arts.

Research areas: Data aesthetics, design and electromagnetic waves, neuro and bio media, statistics and signals, waves and epistemology, media archaeology, history of media technology, history of science, speculative and critical design research, sonification.

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