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I am born 1980 in then West-Berlin from Japanese classical music percussionists and was raised in Basel a town in Switzerland. After getting socialized during the 1990s in the same city famous for its art museums, modern music (Paul Sacher) and where Terry Riley visits high-schools, I studied media theory, musicology and philosophy at the University of Basel, with an one year intermezzo in Berlin (2004/5), where I assisted Heimo Lattner and started being artistically active. Back in Basel I finished my studies with a lic.phil in 2007.

My interests while studying were highly influced by Georg Christoph Tholen, an early friend (~1985?) of Friedrich Kittler. I then wrote a dissertation in media theory (Medienwissenschaft) at Humboldt University Berlin under Wolfgang Ernst (Interview) and defended it 2012 (Dr. phil., summa cum laude). During this time (2007–2013) I mainly lived in Berlin and –besides working on my PhD– curated exhibitions, organized concerts, played at concerts and showed artworks (–2010). In late 2008 I founded Instutite for Algorhythmics, which in 2013 turned into Studio Algorhythmics.

Back in Basel since 2013 I first worked as a postdoc fellow both at the University of Basel’s Media Studies (Ute Holl) and at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM). Since 2014 I work fulltime at the IXDM as a senior researcher and lecturer.

My current research interest is focused on how experimental design and media cultures in the past and now are entangled with discourses and practices from research fields and topics as diverse as cybernetics, system thinking, ecology, computation, design, art, psychedelics, counterculture, gaia, cognition, agency, complexity, self-organization or anthropocene.

Based on critical media studies, history of media, history of science, science and technology studies, anthropology/ethnography, feminist theory and the growing literature in artistic research, research creation and design research, I am aiming at practice generated moments of synthesis where practice-based research, design research and artistic practice melts with theoretical thinking and theory-based analysis. I would like to enable, moderate, design situations that create meaningful surplus value in as many contexts as I am able to.

Research areas: Inquiring ecologies of design, media and knowledge production, creative/experimental approaches to modelling/simulation (analog and digital), design and electromagnetic waves, aesthetics of data, neuro and bio media, history of cybernetics, statistics and signals, waves and epistemology, media archaeology, history of media technology, history of science, speculative and critical design research, sonification.


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